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Milesight UR41 – Mini Industrial Cellular Router

The Milesight UR41 Mini Industrial Router is a small, sturdy unit designed for 4G network access and multiple industrial connections. Engineered for both dependability and security, it ensures steady data flow and rapid mobile network access. Thanks to its low power consumption and the ability to be managed remotely, this router serves as an adaptable, environmentally friendly option for a wide range of IoT uses.



Introducing the Power of Connectivity: The Milesight UR41 Mini Industrial Router – A Compact Powerhouse for Diverse Industrial Needs

The Milesight UR41 Mini Industrial Router stands out as a compact, robust solution, designed to bridge various industrial requirements with seamless 4G connectivity. It caters to a wide range of data access necessities through its support for multiple interfaces, including DI, DO, RS232, and RS485. The device’s reliability is enhanced by its built-in watchdog system and secure VPN capabilities, promoting secure, consistent data flow and swift mobile connections.

Crafted with a focus on space-saving and compliance with industry standards, the UR41 router excels in flexibility for installation and operational deployment. Its design prioritizes energy efficiency, featuring low-power modes to serve as a sustainable choice for technological needs.

Remote management and monitoring are streamlined through the Milesight DeviceHub, broadening the UR41’s utility across varied applications, from automation in vending machines and robotics to the integration within industrial setups and other IoT projects, ensuring a balance of cost-efficiency and high performance.



Key Highlights:

  • Sleek, space-efficient design, perfect for embedded applications needing compact solutions.
  • Comprehensive 4G LTE CAT4/3G network support for broad carrier compatibility.
  • Multiple interface options for versatile connection to a variety of wired devices.
  • An energy-conscious design that minimizes power usage in idle and standby modes, promoting environmental sustainability.
  • Robust construction featuring an industrial-grade processor and IP30 rated enclosure, adaptable for desk or wall mounting, and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.

Security and Reliability:

  • Secure data paths through various VPN tunnel supports like IPsec, OpenVPN, and more.
  • Automatic system recovery via hardware watchdog, maintaining system availability.
  • Advanced security features including access control, DMZ, DDoS protection, and comprehensive authentication and authorization systems.

Effortless Management and Maintenance:

  • Simplified device management through DeviceHub for mass configuration and centralized oversight.
  • Intuitive web interface and CLI for easy administration and swift device setup.
  • Support for standard industrial communication protocols for seamless integration and remote management.

GPS and GNSS Integration:

  • Embedded GPS and GNSS capabilities for precise location tracking and time-stamping of remote assets.

Advanced Power Management:

  • Exceptionally low power consumption in idle mode with efficient transition from standby mode, aiming for minimal energy use while maintaining quick network responsiveness.

DeviceHub – Centralized Efficiency:

  • Milesight’s DeviceHub offers an efficient, low-maintenance platform for deploying and managing Industrial Cellular Routers, simplifying complexity and enhancing productivity through centralized management and remote configuration options.

MilesightVPN Compatibility:

  • The UR41 router supports integration with MilesightVPN for straightforward, secure remote connections, facilitating easy device access and management.