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Enhanced Farming Productivity and Cost Efficiency

Smart Agriculture Products introduce cutting-edge sensing technology into farming for tasks such as data collection, analysis, and insights to improve decision-making, strategy implementation, farming operations, and more.

Why use Milesight Sensors?

Gain Immediate Data for Enhanced Agricultural Efficiency

Reduce Expenses, Minimize Waste, and Streamline Operations through Remote Oversight

Address Unpredictable Weather Patterns Caused by Climate Variations

Visualize and extract data for better insights.


Industrial LoRaWAN® Gateway

• Industrial-Grade Design
• Gateway Fleet
• Listen Before Talk
• Free Embedded Network Server and BACnet Supported
• Multiple Backhaul Connectivities


Soil Moisture, Temperature,
and Electrical Conductivity Sensor

• Research-Grade Accuracy in Multiple Soil Media
• Rapid Monitoring of Growing Conditions
• Corrosion Resistance & Tough Probe
• Industrial-Grade Enclosure with IP67
• Easy Configuration via NFC
• Replaceable Battery Life Up to 10 years


LoRaWAN® Solenoid Valve Controller

• Time and Flow Control
• 2x Outputs for Connecting DC Latching Solenoid Valve
• 2 x Pulse Water Meter Interfaces for Flow Monitoring
• Solar Powered and Built-in Chargeable Battery
• IP67 Rated and UV Resistance Enclosure


Temperature & Humidity Sensor

• IP67 Rated and UV Resistance
• Support Retransmission for Reliable Communication
• Up to 10 Years Battery Life
• Detect Temperature and Humidity with Higher Accuracy
• Store Capacity with 2,800 Sets of Historical Data Records


Pipe Pressure Sensor

• High Compatibility with Various Pipes
• Impressive Measuring Accuracy Shock
• Vibration and Corrosion Resistance
• Wireless and Highly Secured Data Transmission
• 10 Years Long Battery Life
• LoRaWAN® Based
• Milesight IoT Cloud
• Easy Configuration via NFC


Submersible Water Level Sensor

• Not Affected by Foam, Wind, or Rain
• Customizable Measuring Range
• Customizable for Oil and Other Non-corrosive Media
• Impressive IP67 Rated Waterproof Performance
• 10 Years Long Battery Life
• LoRaWAN® Wireless Deployment
• Milesight IoT Cloud
• Easy Configuration via NFC


Ultrasonic Distance/Level Sensor

• Accurate Non-Contact Detection with Ultrasonic Waves
• Wide Measuring Range and Multiple Probing Options
• Exceptional IP67 Rated Performance and UV Resistant
• 10 Years Long Battery Life
• LoRaWAN® Wireless Deployment
• Remote Management via Milesight IoT Cloud
• Easy Configuration via NFC


LoRaWAN® Light Sensor

• Measuring Ranges from 0 lux to 100,000 lux
• Fast 1-Sec Response for Accurate Monitoring
• IP67 Rated for Harsh Environment
• LoRaWAN® Wireless Deployment with Low Power Consumption
• Data Integrity and Easy Management
• Long-Lasting Battery Life of up to 10 Years
• Easy Configuration via NFC


Outdoor Asset Tracker

• Highly-Accurate GNSS Positioning
• Cooperate with Wi-Fi Positioning
• Support Geofencing for Asset Protection
• Provide Motion/Periodic/Timing Modes
• IP67 Rated for Harsh Environment
• IK09 Rated Transceiver for Impact Resistance
• Easy Configuration via NFC or Bluetooth
• Over 15 Years Battery Life


Sensing Camera

• Accurate and Fast Multi-Active Sensing Mechanism
• Camera and Temperature/Sound Sensors in One
• Wireless Deployment By 4G Transmission & Solar Energy
• Full HD 1920*1080 Resolution with Supplement Light
• Flexible Customized Capture Settings
• Impressive Usability with Low Power Consumption
• Robust IP66 Rated Waterproof Design
• Compatible with Milesight AIoT Sensing Platform

WTS305 / WTS506

IoT Weather Station

• All-in-One Weather Station
• Robust and Rugged
• Various Application Scenarios
• Easy Configuration (via NFC)
• Solar-Powered & Chargeable Batteries
• Backup Data Storage and Retransmission
• LoRaWAN® Based

Smart Agriculture Kit

iBox Smart Agriculture Kit

• Industrial LoRaWAN® Gateway
• LoRaWAN® Solenoid Valve Controller
• Soil Moisture, Temperature and Electrical Conductivity Sensor
• Milesight IoT Cloud
• Quick Start Guide

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