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EM300-MCS-915M Magnetic Contact Switch – Milesight

The EM300-MCS is an advanced magnetic switch sensor for real-time monitoring of doors and windows, utilizing LoRaWAN® technology. With integrated temperature and humidity sensors, it’s perfect for home, office, and factory monitoring. Seamlessly integrated with the Milesight IoT Cloud solution, it provides immediate alerts for unauthorized access, ensuring optimal security.

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Enhanced Security and Monitoring with Advanced Magnetic Switch Sensor

The EM300-MCS is a top-tier magnetic switch sensor designed for monitoring doors and windows. It utilizes LoRaWAN® technology for real-time alerts, enhancing security in factories, buildings, and other spaces.

This device boasts low power consumption, offering up to 5 years of service with a single 4000 mAh battery. It seamlessly integrates with the Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway and IoT Cloud solution, allowing remote access to sensor data and mobile app alerts.

Integrated temperature and humidity sensors broaden its application, making it suitable for home, office, and factory automation.

With instant open-door/window detection and real-time unauthorized entry alerts, the EM300-MCS ensures optimal security. Its durable build and advanced features provide a reliable security solution.

Key Features

  • High sensitivity for door and window security detection
  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensors for environmental monitoring
  • Ultra-wide-distance transmission up to 10km with line of sight
  • IP67 UV-resistant and waterproof enclosure for harsh conditions
  • Built-in 4000 mAh replaceable battery lasting over five years
  • Local storage of up to 3,000 historical records
  • Support for Milesight D2D protocol for ultra-low latency and direct control
  • NFC for effortless configuration
  • Compatibility with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers
  • Management through Milesight IoT Cloud solution


Customizable Alarms for Comprehensive Security

Combining high-sensitivity magnetic contact switches with advanced alarm settings, our solution offers real-time alerts for unauthorized entries. Customizable report intervals and times ensure adaptability to your security needs.

Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring

Equipped with temperature and humidity sensors, the EM300-MCS provides precise monitoring, ensuring optimal environmental conditions.

Ultra-Low Latency Control with Milesight D2D Protocol

Experience direct control over devices with Milesight’s D2D protocol, enabling seamless transmission and remote monitoring for unparalleled convenience.


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