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UC300 IoT Controller Series – Milesight

The Milesight UC300 Controller is a versatile device designed for remote control and data acquisition, supporting data transmission through LoRaWAN or 3/4G networks.

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$500.00 ex GST
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Milesight UC300 Controller Overview

The Milesight UC300 Controller offers powerful remote control and data acquisition capabilities. It supports LoRaWAN or 3/4G networks for transmitting data and integrates seamlessly with the Milesight IoT Cloud solution. This allows for easy monitoring and control of devices through web servers or mobile apps. The controller features an industrial-grade, IP30-rated metal housing, making it suitable for indoor applications such as smart factories and building automation.



Key Features

    • IoT Controller: Supports global LoRaWAN® frequency plans and 4G LTE backhaul connectivity.
    • Rich Industrial Interfaces: Offers various interfaces for simultaneous monitoring and control of field sensors or devices.
    • Temperature Transmitter: Features 2 RTD inputs for PT100 sensors, converting resistance signals to 4-20 mA current signals, ranging from -200°C to 800°C.
    • Intelligent Trigger System: Allows setting up 16 custom trigger conditions and actions for tasks like timed data collection.
    • Autonomous Operation: Capable of executing commands independently, even without network connectivity.
    • Flexible Installation: Designed for easy deployment in various settings.


Two Different Models

The UC300 IoT Controller supports global LoRaWAN® frequency plans or 4G LTE as backhaul connectivity to meet different projects.


Example Application: Temperature Transmitter

Besides the 4~20 mA & 0~10 V type analog interfaces, the UC300 firstly adopts 2 RTD inputs for accepting and converting 2/3 wires PT100 sensors‘ resistance signal into 4-20 mA current signal with a range from -200°C to 800°C.