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WS50x-915M Milesight Smart Wall Switch Series

The WS50x is an intelligent LoRaWAN® wall switch designed for both local and remote management of lighting and electrical devices. It is compatible with two common international wall switch sizes, allowing for straightforward replacement of traditional switches. Integrated with Milesight LoRaWAN® gateways and the Milesight IoT Cloud, the WS50x can be operated remotely through a webpage or mobile app and can interact with other Milesight sensors. This switch is ideal for indoor use in homes, offices, hotels, and museums.

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$142.00$238.00 ex GST

$238.00 ex GST
$142.00 ex GST
$238.00 ex GST
$142.00 ex GST
$238.00 ex GST


  • NFC Enabled
  • Supports Scheduled Switching and Switch Lock
  • Tracks Power Consumption Statistics
  • Includes Overload Protection
  • Offers Multicast Feature for Bulk Switch Control
  • Advanced Features: Milesight D2D Controller & Milesight D2D Agent
  • Available in 1-Gang / 2-Gang Options
  • Versions with 3 Wires Including Neutral and 2 Wires Without Neutral