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EM300-SLD-915M Spot Leak Detection Sensor – Milesight

This compact sensor is specifically designed for accurate spot leak detection. It employs a conductive water probe to detect the presence of water and comes with a 1.5m cable.

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High-Efficiency Leak Detection with Integrated Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for Complete Asset Protection

The EM300-SLD/ZLD is a compact, high-efficiency leak detection sensor adept at identifying water or other liquid leaks. Upon detection, this advanced device quickly triggers an alarm using LoRaWAN® technology. Integrated with the Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway and IoT Cloud solution, this sensor enables users to manage data remotely, visualize readings, and receive notifications on their mobile app.

Beyond its primary role in leak detection, the EM300-S/ZLD also features temperature and humidity sensors, making it versatile for various applications to protect assets from flooding in server rooms, laboratories, warehouses, engine rooms, and more.

Experience Unparalleled Protection with the EM300-S/ZLD: Your Intelligent Sensor for Leak Detection

Key Features

  • Utilizes the conductive principle for effective liquid detection
  • Includes temperature and humidity monitoring for comprehensive environmental assessment
  • Provides long-distance transmission up to 10km line of sight
  • Housed in an IP67 UV-resistant and waterproof casing, suitable for challenging environments
  • Powered by a durable 4000 mAh replaceable battery for over five years of continuous operation
  • Stores 3,000 historical records locally and supports data retransmission to prevent loss
  • Employs Milesight D2D protocol for ultra-low latency and autonomous control without gateways
  • Equipped with NFC for simple setup
  • Compatible with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers
  • Allows easy and efficient management via the Milesight IoT Cloud solution


Customized Solutions for Various Leak Detection Needs

  • EM300-SLD: A compact model ideal for spot leakage detection, using a small water probe based on conductivity with a probe-type design to target specific points, equipped with a 1.5m cable
  • EM300-ZLD: Suitable for extensive area coverage, this model uses a long conductive cable in a rope-type design, standard with a 3m cable and extendable to several hundred meters for larger areas


Extended Battery Life and Energy Efficiency for Sustained Performance

Designed for durability and efficiency, this sensor boasts long-term battery life, ensuring continuous operation. It comes with a 400mAh ER18505 Li-SOCI2 battery, upgradeable to 8000mAh, providing up to 10 years of service and making it a sound long-term investment.

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