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Milesight AT101 – Outdoor Asset Tracker

The Milesight AT101 is a robust outdoor asset tracking device that utilizes both GNSS and Wi-Fi AP MAC Address Scanning to deliver precise location information. Equipped with tilt and temperature sensors, and boasting IP67 and IK09 durability ratings, this device ensures comprehensive monitoring capabilities. It supports geofencing alerts and can be managed remotely via the Milesight IoT Cloud software. This makes it ideal for a wide range of uses, including fleet management, livestock farming, construction site monitoring, warehousing, and beyond.



Monitor vehicle and asset movement while setting up virtual boundaries with geofencing technology using the outstanding Milesight AT101.

This premier outdoor tracking device leverages GNSS and Wi-Fi AP MAC Address Scanning to provide pinpoint positioning data. It’s equipped with advanced tilt and temperature sensors for comprehensive data capture across various environments. The AT101 is built to withstand tough conditions, thanks to its IP67 and IK09 durability standards.

Seamlessly integrating with Milesight LoRaWAN® gateways and leading LoRaWAN® network servers, the AT101 is energy-efficient, promising over 15 years of service with bi-daily updates. When paired with the Milesight IoT Cloud platform, it allows for easy remote monitoring and data visualization.

The Trajectory of Vehicles feature offers precise tracking for vehicle security or progress tracking, while the Geofencing capability enables setting up virtual boundaries for enhanced asset security, alerting you when assets enter or exit predefined areas.

Ideal for diverse applications such as fleet management, livestock monitoring, construction, and warehousing, the AT101 is your go-to for reliable asset tracking.

Discover the key features of this tracking solution:



  • Attain real-time asset location with precise GNSS technology.
  • Implement geofences to safeguard assets from theft or unauthorized use.
  • Track asset movement with various monitoring modes for optimal utilization.
  • Depend on the AT101’s resilience in harsh conditions with IP67 and IK09 ratings.
  • Simplify setup via NFC or Bluetooth.
  • Benefit from extended battery life, supporting up to 15 years of tracking.


Enhanced Security Features:

The AT101 includes an anti-tamper button to alert against unauthorized disassembly, enhancing its anti-theft capabilities.


Positioning Accuracy Enhancement:

The AT101 enhances location accuracy by integrating multiple satellite systems and Wi-Fi scanning, ensuring precise tracking even in areas with weak GNSS signals.

Milesight Asset Tracking offers:

  • Reliable data transmission with support for retransmission to counteract network interruptions.
  • Customizable work modes (motion, periodic, timing) for tailored asset monitoring.
  • Advanced geofencing technology for top-notch asset security, providing instant alerts for asset movement across designated areas.


This versatile solution supports a range of applications:

  • Enhancing livestock farming operations.
  • Streamlining fleet management.
  • Optimizing construction site efficiency.
  • Managing warehouses effectively.
  • Monitoring golf carts on courses.


Battery Life and Operations:

  • With updates twice a day, the AT101’s battery can last over 15 years.
  • Updating ten times a day provides an eight-year battery life.
  • Hourly updates yield a four-year battery life.


IMPORTANT – Sensor Operation

Please note: For wireless network capabilities, an applicable Gateway is required to utilise the IoT Cloud software as demonstrated below.