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EM320-TILT-915M Wireless Tilt Sensor – Milesight

The EM320-TILT is a dependable wireless LoRaWAN® tilt sensor, equipped with a MEMS accelerometer for precise angle measurement and asset movement detection. It features customizable threshold settings, an IP67 waterproof casing, and offers remote data access, making it suitable for various applications including tree monitoring and landslide detection.

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EM320-TILT: Precision Tilt Sensor for Reliable Asset Tracking and Monitoring

The EM320-TILT is a state-of-the-art LoRaWAN® tilt sensor, expertly crafted for accurate angle measurements and movement detection of assets. This compact device features a 3-axis accelerometer, enabling it to precisely monitor X, Y, and Z tilt angles and is easy to install on a variety of objects.

A standout feature of the EM320-TILT is its customizable baseline position, which allows for precise detection of angle changes and sends threshold alarms for timely notifications of any movements. This function facilitates immediate response and continuous monitoring.

Integrated seamlessly with Milesight LoRaWAN® gateways and the Milesight IoT Cloud, the EM320-TILT offers real-time updates on angle measurements and tilt alarms, accessible remotely via browsers or mobile apps, enhancing convenience and flexibility.

This sensor is versatile enough for numerous applications such as monitoring tree stability, detecting pole lean, and observing landslides, proving essential across multiple industries that demand accurate tilt measurements and movement detection.

Upgrade Monitoring with EM320-TILT LoRaWAN® Tilt Sensor


Key Features

  • Equipped with a MEMS accelerometer for precise 3-axis angle measurement of various objects.
  • Adjustable threshold settings for diverse application needs.
  • Simple installation, attachable to various structures like trees, poles, and terrain.
  • Features an IP67 waterproof enclosure, perfect for outdoor use.
  • Anti-theft back cover design ensures a secure installation.
  • Supports long-distance wireless transmission, with a reach of up to 15km.
  • NFC technology for easy, one-touch configuration.
  • Compatible with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers, and fully compliant with Milesight IoT Cloud.

Rugged and Sophisticated Design:

The EM320-TILT’s IP67-rated enclosure is built to withstand harsh environments. Its compact structure, equipped with a multi-layer and anti-theft design, ensures durable waterproof performance and secure installation outdoors.

Precision and Stability:

Utilizing an advanced MEMS Accelerometer, the EM320-TILT delivers stable and accurate measurement of X, Y, and Z tilt angles. With its extensive measurement range and exceptional resolution, it provides unmatched precision.

Customization and Flexibility:

Supporting up to 36 customized trigger alarms based on specific angles or inclinations, the EM320-TILT adapts to various settings, enhancing utility with its customizable baseline position.

IMPORTANT – Sensor Operation

Please note: For wireless network capabilities, an applicable Gateway is required to utilise the IoT Cloud software as demonstrated below.

Additional information

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Dimensions 11.5 × 7 × 5 cm