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UR32L Industrial Routers (Lite Series) – Milesight

The UR32L is a streamlined industrial cellular router designed for multiple M2M/IoT applications. It ensures consistent internet connectivity across global WCDMA and 4G LTE networks. Equipped with an integrated watchdog and multi-link failover detection, the router maintains reliable communication. When used with DeviceHub and MilesightVPN, it enhances network management. The UR32L is more than just a router; it’s a complete connectivity solution.

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$328.00$376.00 ex GST

$328.00 ex GST
$376.00 ex GST


Experience Streamlined Connectivity with the UR32L

The UR32L is a cost-effective industrial cellular router tailored for various M2M/IoT applications. It ensures optimal uptime with support for global WCDMA and 4G LTE carriers and features two high-speed Ethernet ports for reliable internet access.

With an integrated watchdog and multi-link failover detection, the UR32L guarantees stable communications. Combined with DeviceHub and MilesightVPN, it simplifies network management and enhances usability.

Easy to deploy and manage remotely, the UR32L stands out as a comprehensive connectivity solution for diverse IoT/M2M needs.

The UR32L is Your Go-To Solution for Complex Connectivity Needs

Key Features

  • Reliable 3G/4G Connectivity: Supports multiple carrier networks, with automated network failover and failback.
  • Industrial Strength: Features an NXP processor and an IP30-protected, rugged enclosure. Mountable on DIN rails or shelves, operates between -40°C to +70°C.
  • Secure and Reliable: Supports various VPN tunnels and a hardware watchdog for maximum uptime. Implements robust security measures including ACLs, DDoS protection, and multiple authentication methods.
  • Easy Maintenance: DeviceHub enables easy setup and centralized management, while a user-friendly interface and multiple upgrade paths facilitate efficient device management.


Durable and Compact for Harsh Environments

The UR32L combines a tough, IP30-rated enclosure with a compact design for effective performance in challenging conditions. It features a robust NXP processor, withstands extreme temperatures, and offers a versatile voltage range.

Reliable Protection System

The UR32L includes automated failover/failback, a hardware watchdog, and advanced authentication and authorization mechanisms for robust protection.

Seamless Integration with MilesightVPN

This router facilitates easy management and secure field device connectivity through MilesightVPN, enhancing both connection stability and security.

Fast Deployment with DeviceHub

DeviceHub streamlines the deployment of Milesight Industrial Cellular Routers, simplifying network management and boosting productivity across multiple locations.