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WS301-915M Magnetic Contact Switch – Milesight

The sleek, wireless WS301 can be effortlessly attached to doors, windows, or cabinets, sending notifications when someone enters a building or office, or if an item has been displaced. This device offers practical solutions for intelligent homes, workplaces, or industrial settings.

Download WS301 Datasheet
Download WS301 Datasheet

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The Milesight WS301 Magnetic Contact Switch is your go-to for enhancing the safety, security, and ease of managing entry/fire doors and safeguarding assets

This wire-free, easily installable device stands out for its convenience, making it perfect for securing doors, windows, and cabinets. Its sophisticated detection technology monitors for any openings, closings, or movements, ensuring top-notch security for homes, offices, or buildings.

Ideal for extensive office buildings and industrial sites, the WS301 aids in the constant surveillance of entrances and internal movements, helping to prevent theft or compliance violations with fire safety norms. It’s also excellent for securing individual items stored in cabinets or boxes, making it a top-tier choice for professional-grade security solutions.



Key Features

  • Hassle-free, wireless setup
  • Long-lasting battery life of 4 to 7 years, ensuring minimal maintenance
  • Simple configuration through NFC, facilitating straightforward setup and adjustments
  • Reliable performance in securing every door and window, thanks to its LoRaWAN Magnetic Contact Switch that detects any unauthorized access or tamper attempts
  • Extended battery lifespan of over 4 years, reducing the need for frequent replacements
  • Versatile application across various door and window materials, complete with tamper detection and LED indicators for operational status
  • Exceptional transmission range up to 15 km in clear line of sight
  • Features a 1200 mAh replaceable battery capable of running for 5 years, coupled with NFC for easy one-touch configuration
  • Compatible with standard LoRaWAN® gateways, network servers, and the Milesight IoT Cloud for comprehensive coverage and control


This device not only simplifies the management of security protocols through its easy NFC-enabled configuration from your mobile phone or PC but also stands as a steadfast guardian for any entry point, promising peace of mind with its robust security features

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Dimensions 7.3 × 7.3 × 2.4 cm