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EM500-SWL Submersible Water Level Sensor Series – Milesight


Leveraging LoRaWAN® Technology for Precision in Liquid Level Measurement

The EM500-SWL stands as a cutting-edge tool for accurately gauging liquid levels under challenging scenarios. Powered by LoRaWAN® technology, it guarantees dependable data transmission and is remarkable for its energy efficiency. Thanks to its 19000 mAh battery, the EM500-SWL can operate flawlessly for up to a decade.

Engineered for effortless integration with the Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway and IoT Cloud solution, this sensor enables remote management of data, offering a detailed and easy-to-understand visual representation of measurements. The EM500-SWL’s adaptability makes it suitable for a wide array of applications, including monitoring levels in water tanks, water resources, ISO tanks, waste water tanks, oil storage tanks, and even river and dam levels, proving its worth across different industries.


Elevating Tank Level Monitoring with the Power of LoRaWAN® and EM500-SWL


Key Features

  • The device provides a flexible measuring rangecustomisable up to 200 meters.
  • Designed with a submersible pressure sensor, it remains unaffected by variables like foam, wind, or rain
  • The probe, crafted from stainless steel, offers exceptional resistance to corrosion.
  • An ultra-wide-distance transmission capability ensures connectivity up to a line of sight distance of 10km.
  • The device features an IP67 waterproof enclosure, making it suitable for applications in harsh environments.
  • With a built-in, replaceable 19000 mAh battery, the device can operate for up to 10 years without requiring a battery replacement.
  • The device is equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, allowing for effortless configuration.
  • It is fully compliant with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers.
  • The Milesight IoT Cloud solution provides a platform for quick and easy management of the device.


Liquid Level Measurement with Advanced Submersible Sensors

The EM500-SWL sensor has transformed the way liquid levels are measured, from tanks to open water bodies. Its submersible design and resistance to corrosion allow for a customizable measuring scope up to 200m, maintaining precision in the face of environmental challenges. While primarily designed for water, its versatility extends to measuring oil and other non-corrosive liquids.


Advancing Water Resource Management with EM500-SWL IoT Sensors

The EM500-SWL IoT sensor is at the forefront of innovating water management practices. It plays a crucial role in liquid level monitoring, particularly in open water and tank applications, delivering real-time, accurate data to avert potential crises like water shortages. Even in tough environments, the EM500-SWL stands out for its reliability, reshaping water resource management across various fields.


IMPORTANT – Sensor Operation

Please note: A Gateway is essential for accessing wireless network features and using the IoT Cloud software as illustrated.

EM500-SWL Submersible Water Level Sensor Series – Milesight

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