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VS133 AI ToF People Counting Sensor Series – Milesight

Achieve accurate occupancy tracking with the Milesight VS133 sensor. This advanced device uses ToF (Time of Flight) technology, sophisticated AI algorithms, and PoE (Power over Ethernet) for reliable connectivity, making it ideal for entrances or corridors in retail stores, malls, offices, and other spaces. The VS133 offers an impressive 99.8% accuracy in people counting solutions!

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Download VS133-P Datasheet
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Download VS133-P User Guide
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$1,642.00$1,666.00 ex GST

$1,666.00 ex GST
$1,666.00 ex GST
$1,642.00 ex GST


Boost Your People Counting Efficiency with the Milesight VS133


Discover the VS133 sensor, a pinnacle of counting technology that utilizes cutting-edge ToF technology for precise depth maps and extended detection ranges, ensuring optimal privacy. Equipped with an advanced AI algorithm, the VS133 excels in complex environments, accurately filtering out non-human objects with an impressive 99.8% accuracy.

The sensor seamlessly integrates with Milesight LoRaWAN® gateways and the Milesight IoT Cloud, and is available in a PoE-enabled version (VS133-P), facilitating straightforward Ethernet connectivity and versatile data transmission options.

Ideal for monitoring entrances or corridors in retail environments, malls, offices, subways, and more, the VS133 is simple to install and provides a reliable solution for accurate people counting.



Key Features

  • Achieve up to 99.8% accuracy with AI-enhanced ToF technology.
  • Distinguish between adults and children for more accurate data.
  • Monitor extensive areas with a wide field of view and adaptability to various lighting conditions, including low-light.
  • Ensure user privacy with non-image-based tracking and U-turn counting to avoid duplicate counts.
  • Flexible data transmission options via LoRaWAN® or Ethernet (HTTP/MQTT/CGI), with 4GB of flash storage capable of securely holding data on a million counts.
  • Easy configuration through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet port for web GUI setup and management via Milesight IoT Cloud or Milesight DeviceHub.



  • Enhanced occupancy monitoring for office spaces and conference rooms.
  • Detailed customer flow analytics in retail locations.
  • Efficient passenger flow analysis in transit systems.


Enhanced Privacy

The VS133 leverages advanced ToF technology for in-depth imaging without capturing any personally identifiable information, ensuring GDPR compliance and maximum privacy protection.


Milesight Bi-Directional People Counter

Increase accuracy and operational efficiency with smart bi-directional counting. The sensor can detect U-shaped paths, preventing redundant counts of individuals who do not enter the area, thus providing more accurate and actionable data for improved decision-making.


Greater Compatibility with LoRaWAN® and Ethernet Options

Enhance flexibility and compatibility with options for LoRaWAN® and Ethernet connectivity. Robust and scalable, supported by open APIs and MQTT(s)/HTTP, these features open up extensive customization possibilities for diverse application fields.

Available in LoRaWAN® and PoE versions (VS133/VS133-P), this sensor offers comprehensive management via the user-friendly Milesight IoT Cloud, and supports rich SPI and remote management on DeviceHub (VS133-P).


IMPORTANT – Sensor Operation

Please note: For wireless network capabilities, an applicable Gateway is required to utilise the IoT Cloud software as demonstrated below.