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WS1X6 Smart Scene Panel Series – Milesight

The WS136 & WS156 LoRaWAN® Smart Scene Panels offer a multi-button control interface that enables the activation of various pre-defined scenes with a single press.

Download WS136 & WS156 Datasheet
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$166.00$214.00 ex GST

$166.00 ex GST
$214.00 ex GST


The Milesight WS156 LoRaWAN® Smart Scene Panel

is a plug-and-play device that seamlessly integrates into any space without the need for additional cables. This device makes it easy to install and operate, allowing you to activate various pre-defined scenes with a simple button press. It features a customizable E-ink display, enabling you to tailor each scene to your specific requirements. Compatible with Milesight LoRaWAN® gateways and IoT Cloud solutions, the WS156 is ideal for a wide range of applications, including smart offices, hotel scene management, and home automation.


Instantly Trigger Customizable Scenes The Milesight WS156/WS136 allows users to define up to six different ambiance scenes that can be quickly activated with a single button press


Key Features 

  • Multiple Scenes
  • Customizable Display
  • One-to-Many Control
  • Milesight D2D Communication


Milesight WS – One Panel, Multiple Scenes

Customizable Display Milesight provides a variety of icon resources that enhance the panel’s utility and aesthetic, making it easy to update the display by simply uploading an image.

(For the WS136 model, custom PVC stickers are available.)


Milesight D2D Communication The Milesight D2D (Device to Device) protocol, powered by LoRa, facilitates direct communication among various Milesight LoRaWAN® devices without needing a gateway


Benefits Include

  • Lower Latency
  • 1 Second Response Time
  • Secure Transmission
  • Reduced Investment Costs


One-to-Many Control As a controller device, a single command from the WS156/WS136 can simultaneously control multiple Milesight D2D agent devices

Dual Protocol Operation Each button on the WS156/WS136 can operate using either the LoRaWAN® or Milesight D2D protocol


Additional Features

  • Programmable E-ink screen for dynamic display customization
  • Up to six configurable scenes, each capable of managing multiple devices
  • NFC-enabled for one-touch setup and card emulation mode
  • Compliant with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers
  • Compatible with Milesight IoT Cloud
  • Multiple installation options without wiring


Lower Power Consumption Powered by two 590 mAh CR2450 replaceable lithium button batteries, providing up to 3 years of battery life based on 20 presses per day


Easy Configuration Device activation and configuration are simplified via NFC technology from a mobile phone or PC