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Water Management Solution

Transforming Water Management Through Innovation and Technology


Qantec Automation, in collaboration with Milesight, introduces a cutting-edge suite of Smart Water Solutions designed to optimize water usage, enhance operational efficiency, and promote sustainability in various sectors including aquaculture, water metering, and leakage detection.

Key Aspects of the Aquaculture Smart System

  • Aquaculture Management: Leveraging LoRaWAN® and cellular technology, our solutions provide comprehensive monitoring of water quality parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, and water levels, ensuring tightly controlled growth conditions for aquaculture operations​​.


  • Smart Water Metering: With Milesight’s LoRaWAN® Pulse Counter and a range of sensors, including the EM500-UDL Ultrasonic Level Sensor and EM300-DI Pulse Counter, we offer remote monitoring and smart data management, enabling water saving and precise utility billing​​.


  • Leakage Detection: Our Membrane Leakage Detection Sensor, EM300-MLD, offers sensitive and broad-area coverage to protect against water leaks, equipped with LoRaWAN® connectivity for reliable communication and a durable, waterproof design​​.

The Benefits of a Smart Water Solution Include:

Enhanced Efficiency

Real-time monitoring and data analysis capabilities allow for immediate adjustments and informed decision-making.


Advanced technology promotes water conservation and supports sustainable growth conditions in aquaculture and other industries.

Operational Cost Saving

Smart metering and leakage detection technologies help reduce wastage, lower operational costs, and ensure accurate billing.

Why Choose Qantec Automation's Smart Water Solution?

  • Innovative Technology: State-of-the-art sensors and IoT platforms from Milesight ensure top-notch performance and reliability.


  • Customized Solutions: Whether it’s aquaculture management, utility monitoring, or leakage detection, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.


  • Expert Support: Our team, in partnership with Milesight, provides full support from installation to ongoing management, ensuring your water management system operates seamlessly.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Water Management?

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