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WS303-915M Mini Leak Detection Wireless Sensor – Milesight

The WS303 stands out as a cutting-edge, compact water leak detection sensor aimed at protecting properties from water-related damage effectively. Its small stature belies its robust capability to quickly identify leaks and send alerts both locally and at a distance. Thanks to its compatibility with the Milesight D2D protocol, this device can be seamlessly incorporated into any intelligent setting. With features like immediate notifications and the ability to manage data from afar, it provides users with total control and assurance.

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Introducing the WS303: A Compact Yet Mighty Water Leak Detection Sensor

Discover the WS303, a diminutive water leak sensor that brings formidable capabilities. This sleek device is engineered to shield your premises from the perils of water damage through swift leak detection and immediate alarm notifications, both locally and remotely.

With compatibility for the Milesight D2D protocol, the WS303 effortlessly connects with other devices in the Milesight ecosystem, establishing a robust network that proactively mitigates the risks associated with water leakage. Its wireless construction allows for straightforward placement in diverse settings, from intelligent homes and offices to larger structures.

Stay ahead with the WS303. It keeps you in the loop with instant local alerts through its onboard buzzer, and remote notifications via a smartphone app. When integrated with the Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway and IoT Cloud, it enables remote and visual data management, putting control right at your fingertips.

WS303: Your Sleek Ally in Advanced Water Leak Prevention


Key Features

  • Employs a precise water probe for detecting conductive liquids efficiently.
  • Comes with a durable 590mAh battery, promising up to 5 years of maintenance-free operation.
  • Features a sturdy IP67 waterproof casing, ideal for tough environments.
  • Includes a real-time buzzer for urgent notifications.
  • Supports the low-latency Milesight D2D protocol for gateway-free direct communication.
  • Simplifies setup with NFC technology.
  • Sends immediate alerts, both near and far, for increased security.
  • Compatible with standard LoRaWAN® infrastructure for broad integration.
  • Facilitates effortless control via the Milesight IoT Cloud platform.


Rapid and Sensitive Water Leak Detection

The WS303 swiftly acts upon detecting water or other conductive fluids, signaling through loud alarms and remote notifications to minimize potential damage. Its high sensitivity allows it to detect water levels as low as 0.5 mm, using a simple yet effective conductivity circuit.

Streamlined Leak Management with Milesight’s D2D Protocol

Utilizing Milesight’s D2D communication, integrated with LoRa® technology, the WS303 ensures flawless coordination among Milesight devices without needing a LoRaWAN® gateway. This results in swift and secure water leak management, enhancing responsiveness and preventing extensive damage.

Durable Design and Power Failure Alerts for Enhanced Security

The WS303 incorporates corrosion-resistant components and an IP67 enclosure to withstand challenging environments. Additionally, it features a power failure alert system for extra safety, ensuring reliability and peace of mind.

Optimized for Efficiency: The Low-Power WS303

Equipped with a coin cell battery, the WS303 offers an impressive lifespan of up to 5 years, highlighting its efficiency and reducing the need for regular battery changes, making it a convenient and reliable choice for comprehensive leak protection.

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