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Milesight 4 Port Unmanaged Network Switch with 4 PoE Ports plus 2 Uplink Ports

The PoE Switch Series from Milesight features a variety of port options, straightforward maintenance, compliance with industry-standard safety protocols, energy-saving capabilities, and the ability to transmit data over long distances up to 250 meters, allowing for a tailored network configuration.



Streamline Your Network Setup with Milesight’s Power over Ethernet Solutions

Enhance your network with the Milesight PoE Switch series, a versatile solution that simplifies network deployment. This series caters to various networking requirements, offering a broad selection of ports, including 4 to 24 PoE ports and 2 SFP ports. This range enables you to tailor your setup to match your specific application needs perfectly. Installation is hassle-free thanks to the plug-and-play design, and the clear indicator lights provide instant feedback on the power and operational status of connected devices. The Milesight PoE Switch Series stands out for its adherence to stringent safety standards, featuring a sleek metal design and a fanless construction that ensures efficient operation with minimal energy use. Additionally, this series supports extended transmission distances up to 250 meters, enhancing connectivity and convenience for users.

Discover the benefits of Milesight’s cutting-edge network technology to streamline your network deployment with features such as:

  • Compliance with IEEE 802.3af/at protocols
  • 4KV surge protection for robust safety
  • Gigabit and SFP uplink ports for high-speed connectivity
  • Extended transmission mode up to 250 meters
  • A generous 400W power budget to support multiple devices


User-Friendly Operation

Maintenance is straightforward with the plug-and-play setup, requiring no configuration. The easy-to-read PWR and Link/Act indicator lights allow you to monitor the status of connected devices effortlessly.


Dependable and Efficient Performance

The Milesight PoE Switch Series delivers reliable safety and performance, featuring a stylish, efficient design that operates without fans, reducing energy consumption while ensuring a continuous power supply.


Flexible Port Options

Offering a variety of PoE ports (4, 8, 16, & 24) along with 2 SFP ports, the series adapts to different applications by automatically detecting and powering compatible devices. This single-cable solution facilitates network installation in areas with limited access to power sources.


Advanced Power Management

Equipped with multiple PoE ports supporting the IEEE 802.3af/at protocol and two uplink ports, the series can allocate up to 400W across all PoE ports, with up to 30W for each port, accommodating a wide range of devices.


Exceptional Data Transmission

The series boasts a 14.8Gbps switching capacity, a non-blocking design, and full-speed link forwarding for smooth data flow. It ensures reliable data transmission through ports that adapt to both full and half-duplex communication.


Extended Connectivity Options

With flexible extend modes, the series allows for transmission over distances up to 250 meters, enhancing user experience by expanding connectivity options.


Enhanced Surge Protection

Featuring 4KV surge protection, the PoE Switch is designed to withstand electrical surges, ensuring reliable operation even in challenging conditions.


High-Speed SFP Uplink Port

The available SFP module slot makes the SFP uplink port ideal for high-speed data transfers and connecting the switch to the network backbone, ensuring ample bandwidth and stability.


Embrace the ease of simplified network management with the Milesight PoE Switch Series, designed for reliability, safety, and flexibility.