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Milesight AM319 – IAQ 9 in 1 Sensor with Formaldehyde Sensor (No Display)

The AM300(L) Series is engineered for comprehensive Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) tracking. These sensors can assess a range of conditions, including temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and additional parameters. Leveraging LoRaWAN® technology, the devices integrate seamlessly with the Milesight IoT Cloud, enabling efficient remote data handling. This makes them ideal for supervising the indoor atmospheres of workplaces, healthcare institutions, and commercial outlets.



Enhancing Indoor Environmental Insight with LoRaWAN Smart Sensors

The AM300(L) Series introduces a comprehensive solution for indoor environmental monitoring, incorporating a suite of sensors capable of detecting temperature, humidity, light intensity, CO2 levels, Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), barometric pressure, PM2.5 and PM10 particulates, motion, and either HCHO or O3 concentrations. These sensors deliver real-time data, which can be displayed on an optional E-ink screen for easy viewing, aiding in the optimization of indoor comfort and air quality.

Perfect for use in diverse settings such as offices, retail spaces, schools, healthcare facilities, and beyond, these sensors offer a versatile approach to maintaining an ideal indoor atmosphere.

Utilizing cutting-edge LoRaWAN® technology, the AM300 series ensures effortless data transmission to the Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud. This setup allows for the remote management and visualization of sensor data, streamlining operations and improving convenience.

Achieve Comprehensive Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality: A single sensor for up to 9 essential environmental parameters


Key Features

  • Integrates multiple sensors for monitoring humidity, temperature, CO2, light, barometric pressure, PM2.5, PM10, and more, in one compact device.
  • Features diverse display options with clear emoticons on the E-ink screen for straightforward understanding of ambient conditions.
  • Supports both battery and DC power, offering operational flexibility.
  • Includes a traffic light indicator and buzzer for instant alerts and device status awareness.
  • Capable of storing 18,000 local data points with data retransmission functionality to prevent data loss.
  • Compatible with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers for seamless integration.
  • Easy management via the Milesight IoT Cloud platform enhances user experience.

Integrated Multi-Sensor Capability for Optimal Energy Efficiency and Comfort:

The AM300 series, a single device packed with up to 9 types of environmental sensors, measures a variety of conditions to boost energy efficiency and indoor comfort. This all-encompassing approach to IAQ monitoring ensures a healthier indoor environment.

Interactive E-Ink Display for a Deeper Understanding of Indoor Conditions:

Choose from models with a detailed E-ink display for interactive monitoring or opt for a non-display model to maximize battery life. These options offer flexibility in how you view and interact with real-time data, providing a comprehensive overview of indoor air quality.

Smart Power Management for Extended Battery Life:

Enjoy the advantages of energy-efficient operation combined with long-lasting battery life. The smart screen mode reduces power consumption by pausing updates in the absence of activity, resuming once motion is detected. The device’s powerful batteries ensure up to 4 years of service, with certain models also supporting Type-C charging for added convenience.

IMPORTANT – Sensor Operation

Please note: For wireless network capabilities, an applicable Gateway is required to utilise the IoT Cloud software as demonstrated below.