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Milesight SG50 4G Outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway – 45W Solar Panel

The SG50 stands as a solar-powered LoRaWAN® gateway, engineered for demanding outdoor settings where power sources are limited. It boasts exceptional flexibility, broad compatibility with leading network servers, and supports secure remote management. Its robust construction and superior IP67 protection make it perfectly suited for sectors such as oil, gas, mining, and forestry, providing efficient energy utilization alongside dependable communication.



Transforming Power Management in Off-Grid Areas

The SG50 is a green, solar-powered LoRaWAN® gateway, expertly designed for outdoor areas where traditional power is scarce but solar potential is high. This gateway is self-sufficient, featuring inbuilt batteries and an extra solar panel, allowing it to function independently across various challenging settings, especially in places where conventional power sources are hard to come by.

Its excellent adaptability is matched by wide-ranging compatibility with major network servers, alongside capabilities for secure remote management. This not only adds to its user convenience but also guarantees secure operations.

With its robust build and IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, the SG50 is equipped to tackle tough conditions. It is tailored for critical sectors like oil and gas, mining, forestry, and other remote industries, focusing on efficient power management and ensuring continuous connectivity. The SG50 is a critical asset for maximizing energy efficiency and maintaining stable communication links.

Harness Solar Energy with SG50: A Dependable Ally for Eco-friendly, Secure, and Effective Connectivity in Tough Terrains



Key Features:

  • Supports cellular backhaul, broadening network support.
  • High compatibility with leading network servers ensures seamless integration.
  • Quick and easy deployment with a comprehensive design and standard accessories.
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries and an additional solar panel for untethered operation.
  • Independent networking capability with cellular backhaul support.
  • Advanced power management system prolongs battery life up to four days.
  • Remote management compatibility simplifies operations, even in isolated locations.
  • Durable IP67-rated enclosure and robust design for extended service life.
  • Features the SX1302 chip for efficient traffic handling and reduced energy use.
  • Supports eight channels, connecting with over 2000 end devices.
  • Integrated GPS for efficient remote management.
  • Utilizes Listen Before Talk (LBT) for effective channel use.
  • Easy Wi-Fi setup for straightforward installation in remote areas.

Eco-friendly Operation:

With its energy-saving design, including data filtering and intelligent Wi-Fi control, the SG50 minimizes power and data consumption.


Optimizing Solar Energy for Reliable, Versatile Use:

Equipped with a standard 30W solar panel (upgradeable to 45W), the SG50 efficiently uses solar power for operation and battery charging. It smartly manages charging to make the most of solar energy and prolong battery life. Its 25Ah battery ensures up to four days of operation without sunlight, showcasing its adaptability to various power setups, including smart streetlight integration.


Effortless, Autonomous Setup and Remote Control via 4G:

The SG50 enables 4G-based wireless setup, reducing the need for extensive Ethernet cabling—a boon for remote or budget-conscious sites. Integrated with the latest management platforms, it allows for easy remote configurations and updates. Combining solar energy, an internal battery, 4G communication, and remote management, the SG50 facilitates fully autonomous setup and operation.