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Milesight TS302 – Temperature Logger with Dual Connectors

The TS30x is a sophisticated resistance temperature sensor designed to display data visually and work seamlessly with a variety of detection probes. It guarantees secure and traceable data collection and facilitates smooth data export for straightforward integration. This sensor is built to record a broad spectrum of temperatures and utilizes LoRaWAN® technology to send information through a gateway and IoT Cloud software, allowing for remote sensor data management. It’s perfectly suited for sectors that demand strict temperature tracking, such as food processing, pharmaceutical storage, cold chain logistics, and others.



Advancing Temperature Sensing and Data Handling

The TS30x stands out as an innovative resistance temperature sensor equipped with a visual data display for straightforward results interpretation. It features extendable connectors and is compatible with multiple probe types, including A-class, B-class, and food-grade A-class temperature probes. Additionally, it provides the option of integrating a magnetic contact switch sensor for enhanced flexibility.

Prioritizing data security and ease of use, the TS30x enables traceable data collection and simple data export for effortless integration. It’s crafted to accurately measure temperatures across a wide range in demanding settings, utilizing LoRaWAN® technology for data transmission.

This sensor boasts low power consumption, ensuring a prolonged lifespan on its internal batteries. When used in conjunction with a Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud, it allows for the remote management of sensor data, displayed in an accessible, visual format.

Featuring an LCD for easy temperature monitoring, these sensors seamlessly connect to high-precision PT100 temperature probes and door magnetic sensors. They are ideal for critical temperature monitoring in sectors like food processing, pharmaceutical storage, and cold chain logistics.

Embrace the Future of Temperature Monitoring

Key Features

  • Three PT100 temperature probe options and a magnetic contact switch sensor cater to various needs.
  • Housed in an IP65-rated waterproof and dust-resistant enclosure for durability.
  • Automates temperature monitoring and data logging, compliant with HACCP standards and 21 CFR Part 11B for electronic records, ensuring secure and accurate data management.
  • Supports easy PDF data exports for streamlined record-keeping.
  • Powered by two large-capacity batteries for extended use.
  • Features a low-power LCD display for clear data viewing.
  • Can store up to 10,000 data entries locally with retransmission capabilities to prevent data loss.
  • Includes NFC and Type-C USB for quick setup.
  • Compatible with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and Milesight IoT Cloud for advanced functionality.

Enhancing Food Safety and Record Accuracy

The TS301/TS302 LoRaWAN® Temperature Loggers are designed to maintain food safety standards according to HACCP guidelines, offering automated data exports to minimize manual errors and paperwork. They ensure secure, PDF-format data exports via USB, aligning with 21 CFR Part 11B requirements for electronic records and signatures.

Exceptional Battery Life and Display Efficiency

With a battery life spanning 5 to 15 years, these loggers are a long-lasting solution for various industries. They feature an energy-efficient LCD for vivid, legible data presentation that also conserves battery power, complemented by effective data recovery and retransmission functions.

Immediate Alerts and Robust Protection

The loggers provide real-time mobile notifications for immediate awareness of temperature fluctuations or security breaches. With an IP65 rating for dust and water resistance and secure dust caps for the USB interface, they are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications. Cloud connectivity ensures fast data access and minimizes inventory loss in refrigeration units.

IMPORTANT – Operating Requirements

Please note: For wireless network capabilities, an applicable Gateway is required to utilise the IoT Cloud software as demonstrated below.

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No Sensor, High Accuracy, High Temp Sensor -50°C ~ 500°C – 5cm (SP11-A05-500-150), Food Grade Temperature Sensor -40°C ~ 125°C – 10cm (SP11-AF10-125-150), General Use Temperature Sensor -40°C ~ 125°C – 5cm (SP11-B05-125-200), Magnetic Door Switch Sensor (SS21-PN03-150)