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Standard Version – 0.25m to 10m / Medium Accuracy (EM400-UDL-C100)

The EM400-UDL stands out as an advanced ultrasonic distance and level sensor tailored for external use, ideal for monitoring water levels, silo tank fill levels, and other applications. It is available in two models, each offering distinct communication capabilities, along with a high IP protection rating, a waterproof casing, extended battery life, and GNSS tracking features.



Track Water and Tank Levels with Supreme Precision

The EM400-UDL emerges as a state-of-the-art ultrasonic distance sensor, meticulously crafted for outdoor tracking tasks. From water level monitoring, tank fill assessments to object detection, the EM400-UDL excels in various scenarios. Offering a selection of sensors, each tailored with specific detection ranges, this device accommodates a diverse array of needs.

Engineered to endure the rigors of outdoor environments, the EM400-UDL features a robust IP rating and a waterproof case, alongside remarkable battery longevity. Equipped with dual 9000 mAh batteries, it promises up to a decade of service without the necessity for battery replacement.

Milesight presents two variants of the EM400-UDL, each designed for unique communication demands. The LoRaWAN® variant integrates effortlessly with Milesight’s LoRaWAN® gateway and IoT Cloud for streamlined, remote data management. Meanwhile, the NB-IoT/Cat.M variant, equipped with GNSS, caters to a broad spectrum of applications, ensuring both tracking and security.



Key Features

  • Varied probes offering detection ranges between 25cm to 10m, suitable for numerous applications.
  • Dual 9000 mAh batteries with a lifespan of up to 10 years.
  • NTC temperature sensor for prompt detection of temperature shifts, reducing combustion risks.
  • Integrated 3-axis accelerometer for monitoring the device’s tilt, enhancing safety.
  • IP67 rating and damp-proof coating for durability in outdoor settings.
  • NFC enabled for simple, one-touch setup.


Communication Customization: LoRaWAN® or NB-IoT Options

Opt between the LoRaWAN® and NB-IoT/Cat.M versions to match your communication requirements. The LoRaWAN® option allows for easy integration with Milesight’s ecosystem for comprehensive data management, while the NB-IoT/Cat.M version supports diverse IoT platforms and adds GNSS for advanced tracking and security.


Unleash Efficiency with EM400-UDL: A Versatile Tool for Various Settings

The EM400-UDL is an invaluable asset for both industrial and municipal applications, designed to provide precise, reliable data for streamlined operations and enhanced productivity.

Applications Spanning:

  • Boiler expansion monitoring.
  • Tracking fill levels in tanks and barns.
  • Flood monitoring.
  • Sewage level tracking, and more!


Non-Contact Measurement for Consistent Accuracy

Utilizing ultrasonic technology for distance measurement, the EM400-UDL ensures stable, reliable performance across different mediums, without any contact, maintaining probe integrity and measurement accuracy.


Advanced Monitoring for Optimal Performance

  • Tilt Awareness: With an onboard 3-axis accelerometer, the EM400-UDL vigilantly monitors tilt, providing alerts for ideal device alignment.
  • Temperature Alerts: The integrated NTC thermistor offers precise temperature tracking, swiftly notifying users of any critical changes, enhancing safety and device efficiency.


The EM400-UDL not only excels in temperature and tilt monitoring but also elevates the operational safety and efficacy of your setup.


IMPORTANT – Sensor Operation

Please note: For wireless network capabilities, an applicable Gateway is required to utilise the IoT Cloud software as demonstrated below.